Did get some salvage.

I managed to gather some salvage, and help hunt down a mission runner, while the corp mate extended aggro.  That was quite fun, and good hunt-practice, actually.

No real tears, though I was seriously hoping he was stupid enough to undock and not go right to a safe.

[01:10:00] Keine Arvok > o/
[01:10:09] Gilbert Hamilton > o/
[01:10:13] Gilbert Hamilton > do you need help getting out of station?
[01:10:25] Keine Arvok > naw
[01:10:41] Keine Arvok > i dont need help loosing my domi either
[01:10:43] Keine Arvok > lol
[01:10:44] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, just offering in case. I know how that itmer crap sucks.
[01:11:29] Keine Arvok > im gona try to undock one more time ina few
[01:11:37] Gilbert Hamilton > that whole trick about stopping helps.
[01:12:10] Gilbert Hamilton > anyway, fly safe. if you need help let me know.
[01:12:29] Keine Arvok > kk u2 ty

He undocked and went for the safe spot – and corp-mate and I both had to log.  Oh well, next time.  In the meantime, I can now fly that Rifter and Domi I haven’t purchased yet.

And probably won’t for some time.  Not until after camp, most likely.  No rush, no worries.  They are all going to the salvage yard eventually, anyway.


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