Alliance Leader Down?

This is interesting and a bit disgusting.  Now, I know many people who have in games past, transferred in game items for real life money.  Specifically, in DAoC.  It’s kinda creepy the way that particular person did it, and yes, unless you are running a Chinese sweat shop, you screw over just about everyone you know in your quest for more RMT action.

I bought a pre-rigged ship on contract a couple of weeks ago it cost about as much as the ship would off market but had rigs also.

If that person had have been doing RMT etc and got caught, whats to stop CCP coming back to me and banning my accounts, they’ve got as much proof there as they have for you that im in on it and can ban me? Seriously…

I’ve thought hard about setting a goal for myself that involves getting a PLEX or three.  I’d love enough ISK to get a PLEX.  I don’t have much of a desire to pilot slow, fat, and large-gunned ships.  I prefer cheap, faster, and with guns that have higher tracking speeds.  That said, my bank only has about 90,000,000 ISK in it right now.  I save, spend on fun, and then go back to saving again. (see my posts related to fail fitting some ganking ships. )

I’m not about to spend 15 bucks USD on whatever the market value for PLEX is these days.

That said, and I’ve digressed a bit, the reality is this:  Some GM could get a bug up his ass, audit the transactions that look sneaky, and without conversation, just ban someone.  It just happened.   Frankly, I’m thinking that in the real world the evidence would have escalated to the appeals process and gone from there back to normal as an oops.

The real concern is that nowhere is the appeals process working in this matter.  You should, as a company, never allow someone to not appeal. (through the proper channels; of which we know nothing about the use of here.)

The bottom line lesson learned here is, yes, if you are going to support something (like by sending me isk! ;)) support something you know, and trust.  Even though this person trusted the real world friend, too.

What’s a guy to do?  Maybe he should just make a new account and start over, fresh.  Maybe, but, having an account for seven years really sucks to have to start over.  I know that.  I’ve still got EQ1 characters from 1999 for crying out loud.


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