Back in Dodixie: part two

So, after the bluescreen issues from a day or two ago, I was able to drag all of my stolen crap back to Dodixie for sale.  After that, I took the T2 scanning ship out one jump away and found a nice mark with two battleships next to each other.   Not being sure what type of missions were in that area, I quickly went back to Dod and grabbed the Slasher for a quick salvage/loot run.

On entering the mission, I realized it was one of those “pick a room between Gur and Serp” missions.  The D-Scan at 50Mkm said most of the ships were in one room so I went there.  I bluescreened.

When I returned, I was alone in the room and able to salvage.  There were a few tasty wrecks with some expensive looking missile launchers; I grabbed one and then the owner returned.  Caring more about the 2Mil in loot than the 40k Slasher, I warped off and dumped the goods.  On the return trip, I sniped a few loots from the mission runner while he was tractoring the items.  He did not aggro on me, and I ended the day up a couple million for 15 minutes work.

That said, I am wondering if I had gained aggro and returned with the Myrm if I could have taken out the Hurricane.  If he was tractoring items, that was one high slot doing that work.  He was also salvaging with it, so there is another high slot.  He probably had T2 drones, that would have ripped my Myrm to shreds – but that got me thinking; what type of armor should I focus on when I want to tank drones of various genres?

I’ll be spending some time thinking about that.  Armor tanking?  Drone vs drone?


2 responses to “Back in Dodixie: part two

  1. You can set up resists for drones. Each drone does a specific type of damage. So just pick the armor or shield modules that you would like to use for that resist. By far the most common types of drones you will see people using are Hobgoblins and Hammerheads. Good luck and happy collecting.

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