Oh noes, the Slasher is gone…

I lost my cheap Slasher tonight, when looting a MR site, in Everyshore region.  No biggie, but it was the one time a Domi actually warped off and the rats aggro’d me before I could warp off.

I was going to return in 15 or so minutes, but with the 2nd Domi there, doing RR and gathering the loot/salvage – I’m just going to call it a night (It’s nearing 9pm here) and go watch the Simpsons.

I did, however, make roughly 2Mil on the first run through the mission.  I was able to warp away that time, it was the 2nd time that killed me.

So, math-wise, I’m +2,000k-20k… ;)


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