No takers this morning.

My collection of scientists is growing. Later today, I think I’m going to take the scanning ship to a bigger system but within a few jumps of the Myrmidon; so I can return with the pew pew if the salvage ship gets popped.

This mission runner was at least nice; though my price was lowballed just to see if he’d pay.  I blew his mission objectives up and snagged the loot before he could.  I’m serious about that plan to mate scientists with strippers!

[15:01:54] Gilbert Hamilton > your scientists are in the cargo container labeled as such.
[15:02:00] Urotsuki doji > so hmm thanks for the help
[15:02:07] Gilbert Hamilton > np.  gl.
[15:02:40] Urotsuki doji > but you know, if i touch your container i am toast so thanks anyway
[15:02:51] Gilbert Hamilton > pay me and I will abandon it.
[15:02:56] Gilbert Hamilton > 10k.
[15:03:05] Gilbert Hamilton > per scientist
[15:03:08] Gilbert Hamilton > (that you need)
[15:03:09] Urotsuki doji > extortion, i like
[15:03:21] Gilbert Hamilton > (the others go to my collection, in my basement.  next to the exotic dancers. )
[15:03:27] Gilbert Hamilton > (I have this theory I can make more that way.
[15:03:49] Urotsuki doji > good for you, easy way to make money i guess
[15:04:06] Gilbert Hamilton > not really.   you haven’t paid.  no worries.  I can keep them.  They are skinny.
[15:04:48] Urotsuki doji > keep them all you want, i am sure they will at least enlight you on reasonning and such
[15:04:59] Gilbert Hamilton > your deal, no worries then.
[15:05:01] Gilbert Hamilton > fly safe.
[15:05:26] Urotsuki doji > you too


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