Lesson: Never trust a red.

Anwar Janota learned the important lesson today: Always check character information, and never trust a red.  Though, I’m done with Harerget for a while.  The characters there are too new, and while it’s fun practice to bait and switch like that, I want a bit more of a challenge.  Newbies need to learn those all important lessons, but I think I’d get more interaction with older characters – instead of the instant-wtf I get with the newbies; especially now that I’m getting more familiar with some pvp tactics.

Here is my chat log with Anwar, picking up right after I looted a bunch of his crap.

[02:05:14] Gilbert Hamilton > do you want your things back? I’m sorry about that.
[02:05:47] Anwar Janota > um yeah
[02:06:15] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, I’m at Harerget II moon 1 – warp ther eand I’ll give it to you.
[02:06:47] Gilbert Hamilton > on the way?
[02:07:04] Anwar Janota > yes
[02:07:08] Gilbert Hamilton > kk
[02:08:04] Gilbert Hamilton > I need to jet can it, right?
[02:08:40] Anwar Janota > idk
[02:09:09] Anwar Janota > wtf?
[02:09:27] Gilbert Hamilton > ?
[02:10:06] Anwar Janota > why am I getting shot?
[02:10:31] Gilbert Hamilton > not sure.  I warped away whne I saw it happen.  I’m at Harerget I planet, about 10km out.  lets try that again.  stupid drones.
[02:10:39] Gilbert Hamilton > what’s your repair bill? I’ll send the isk if it’s not too much.
[02:10:50] Gilbert Hamilton > still new.  sorry.
[02:12:02] Gilbert Hamilton > anyway, nobody is here at Planet 1, (Harerget 1) I left a can for you.
[02:12:54] Anwar Janota > meet me heregeret iv moon. not the base but the moon
[02:12:59] Gilbert Hamilton > k.
[02:14:10] Gilbert Hamilton > omw
[02:14:43] Gilbert Hamilton > damn need a sec for 2nd can.
[02:14:46] Gilbert Hamilton > lol. takes time apparently.
[02:15:41] Gilbert Hamilton > thx.
[02:15:46] Gilbert Hamilton > gl and never trust a red.


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