Oh no, my first petition.

Seems Harerget is offering up some more tears than I expected to get tonight:

[01:24:11] EVE System > Channel changed to Harerget Local Channel
[01:53:54] Zunya Zuvani > Gilbert, how am I supposed to complete my mission if you steal my item?
[01:54:08] Gilbert Hamilton > Zunya – you pay me ISK and I’ll give the item.
[01:54:10] Gilbert Hamilton > Simple, really.
[01:54:30] Gilbert Hamilton > no worries.
[01:54:32] Gilbert Hamilton > take your time.
[01:54:35] Gilbert Hamilton > I’ll watch scanner.
[01:55:27] Zunya Zuvani > I’ll report you as a griefer instead
[01:55:39] Gilbert Hamilton > it’s not illegal, shh.
[01:56:08] Zunya Zuvani > Yes, it is illegal.  Griefing is a violation of the EULA
[01:56:31] Gilbert Hamilton > You have every ability to shoot me and take the item, actually.
[01:56:36] Zunya Zuvani > And no, I will not discuss this privately!
[01:56:50] Gilbert Hamilton > Just didn’t want others to realize you were turning down my offer.
[01:56:57] Gilbert Hamilton > you know, save you some face.
[01:57:02] Gilbert Hamilton > It’s only 10k isk.
[01:57:25] Zunya Zuvani > you’re still in the wrong
[01:57:32] Gilbert Hamilton > no, I’m just in the different.
[01:58:48] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, ok, I’ll brb.
[02:02:15] Gilbert Hamilton > I will return your Dr. Castille’s Data Core (Property of CreoDron)  I suppose
[02:03:42] Gilbert Hamilton > there you go.
[02:04:09] Zunya Zuvani > No, the can is yellow.  I’m not stupid!!
[02:04:33] Gilbert Hamilton > Oh schucks.
[02:06:13] Zunya Zuvani > Petition has been submitted!

Good times.  I don’t think I was ever petitioned before, which is fine.   I do have to make a reminder note to add a few quotes to my bio, really.   I started the night pissed off at Windows 7, Modern Warfare 2, etc… and end the night happy I transferred that energy to someone else.  Welcome to Eve.

Lesson for you to learn, Zunya Zuvani – always quick-loot the mission objective.  Then worry about the rest.  You’ve obviously never played WoW.


One response to “Oh no, my first petition.

  1. Congrats on the milestone man!

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