It was a hard lesson to learn

There isn’t much in this kill, except a few good practice minutes in the skill of “Social Engineering”, really.  The kill information is here.  On a similar note, the contacts list folder titled “people I’ve upset” is growing.

[19:59:59] TheAntiClinton > thats a pretty fast ship
[20:00:03] Gilbert Hamilton > thanks.
[20:00:04] TheAntiClinton > can you help me out hee?
[20:00:12] Gilbert Hamilton > I can do my best, what do you need?
[20:00:14] TheAntiClinton > here*
[20:00:41] TheAntiClinton > im not in any trouble, its just taking a very long time to destroy this facility, and i could use some extra firepower to speed it up
[20:00:55] Gilbert Hamilton > Ahh gotcha.
[20:01:02] Gilbert Hamilton > be right back.
[20:01:07] Gilbert Hamilton > start killing it.
[20:01:07] TheAntiClinton > ok
[20:01:24] Gilbert Hamilton > oh you’ve got it going well!
[20:01:27] Gilbert Hamilton > it’ll be gone soon.
[20:01:41] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:01:46] Gilbert Hamilton > do you have to do all 4?
[20:02:05] TheAntiClinton > i think so, and now my capcitor is empty, so i can only fire one gun
[20:02:31] Gilbert Hamilton > ahh gotcah.  I will be back in a few mins, with some guns on this ship.
[20:02:38] Gilbert Hamilton > I left some loot/salvage for you.
[20:02:42] TheAntiClinton > thank you
[20:02:47] Gilbert Hamilton > don’t worry about the warning.
[20:02:50] Gilbert Hamilton > the scientists don’t eat much.
[20:02:55] TheAntiClinton > what warning?
[20:03:01] Gilbert Hamilton > when you grab the loot.
[20:03:35] Gilbert Hamilton > damn timer for stations! lol.
[20:03:40] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:04:08] TheAntiClinton > btw, why is your little square red and ave a skull by it?
[20:04:14] TheAntiClinton > have*
[20:04:33] Gilbert Hamilton > cause I was here taking loot.  but I gave it back to you in that cargo container.
[20:04:52] TheAntiClinton > lol, thanks
[20:05:06] Gilbert Hamilton > go grab it while your cap recharges.  it’s a few bucks worth of stuff.
[20:05:13] Gilbert Hamilton > or leave the scientists – don’t think you can sell them. lol.
[20:05:18] Gilbert Hamilton > they just sit there and eat.
[20:05:40] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:06:16] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, so two left?
[20:06:30] TheAntiClinton > yup
[20:06:46] TheAntiClinton > i guess you wont get in trouble if you attack me now
[20:06:58] Gilbert Hamilton > ?
[20:07:29] TheAntiClinton > that was the warning, it said that since i “Stole” from you, you and your coorporation would be free to attack me
[20:07:43] Gilbert Hamilton > ahh yeah, no worries.
[20:07:49] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:08:48] Gilbert Hamilton > wonder if these guys living here will jump off. :P
[20:08:49] TheAntiClinton > so what do you do, long range, short range, electronic, mining?
[20:08:54] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:09:20] TheAntiClinton > woo hoo, thank you

The mission objects go pop.  A few seconds later, so does he.

[20:10:25] TheAntiClinton > why?
[20:11:20] Gilbert Hamilton > because I needed something to shoot – also, please, _n-e-v-e-r_ ignore that warning when grabbing loot out of a can.  people can right click and “abandon” the containers if they really were “giving” it to you.
[20:11:29] Gilbert Hamilton > btw, your mission should be done.
[20:11:32] Gilbert Hamilton > fly safe.


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