Warp Zero and Flip

I’ve not logged into EVE for a couple of days.  Just real life things and a bit of a mid-week break, is all.  However tonight started out fun, and ended with fun too.

Right outside of the M20 station in Dodixie, I salvaged 14 armor plates from a wreck.  Always nice.

Later on, a few systems away, a corp mate and I were can flipping in a different way.  He opened a can next to the victims, and then I warped to zero on him, in a fast ship.  Right in front of him and all of his mining corp-mates, I transferred the loot and got a nice “WTF?!” in local.  Win.  After a few minutes of that, his corpmates started to fire on me, but only after I undocked in my Myrm.

No explosions, but some chasing and general mud-slinging in local were had.  I didn’t feel like dealing with a Domi, an Incursis (I think.  The T2 ship), and a few others while it was just my corp mate and myself.  The domi had my shields down in about 15 seconds.

After all, running away to come back and peck at them is what I wanted to do. ;)


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