So, it would seem that in tinkering around for half an hour – I found a nice mission runner to earn a few more pvp “experience points” with.  He started to shoot at my Imicus, and I returned with the Myrmidon.  Not only did he warp off, he logged off after he docked.  Blah.  I’m too tired to toy around with another one tonight, so I will try a few more tomorrow and this weekend.

Goal-wise, I’d like to say that getting that done is one of the short term ones.  Saving back up toward a Plex is another, though I have a feeling “saving cash” and “new to pvp” don’t go well together.

So, really, other than that, I’d have to say I’m in a bit of a “think about your life, son” phase.  Around the ninja side of the coin, I’d like more practice hunting/scanning.  Maybe I will add to my list of goals, “ECM” and “ECCM” experience, too.  Always good to learn those.


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