Myrmidon is fit, and gets a little action

Not much action, just some trial-and-error action.  I was out in my Slasher, and found a huge room of wrecks.  I salvaged one or two, and there were two mission runners in the room, too.  A Raven and something else.  I need to get better at remembering those types of things.  They were both from the [N.E.B.] corporation.

I started taking loot, and within a minute one of them started shooting.  The Slasher has an awesome turning radius, and soon I was returning with the Myrmidon.

I came out of warp about 35km away from that ship, and sent the drones in.  Before I could jam its targeting/tracking, it warped off.  The friend started shooting, and he was much closer at about 3km away.  Perfect range for my guns, and the drones started working towards him.

He started off with a bomb, and took me down to about 3/4ths shields.  My drones started on him, and my guns got a few hits, too.  That took him down to about 1/2 shields in the first volley.  Apparently, right after firing the bomb, he must have started to warp off, because he was soon gone.

I was bored with salvage, and wanted a fight and they ran.  I hung around to see if they would return, but they didn’t.  So, when I arrived at my undock at Dodixie M20, I saw one of them just starting to dock.  I docked and logged out for the night.

Lesson learned: PVP can/will be addictive.  I need to take this ship off to the Everyshore region and have some fun with people running L1/2 missions.


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