Is EVE Fair?

EVEOGANDA has a great post about the “fair/unfair” lines within our favorite intertube game.  I plan on thinking about this a bit, being a new player myself (and having “tried” EVE a year ago, given up, and then returned), and then writing about it in detail.  Probably in this post, below the cut.

In the interim, I leave you with the link above to his post.  Everyone should read it, I think it makes some much needed connections between “real life” and the “unfairness” that seems to surround EVE pvp.  For the record, I think PVP in EVE is thus far, perfectly balanced.  From the gankings, hulkageddons, and the larger fleet battles.  It all has a place, and it all has a purpose.  The “sandbox” makes the game very easily called the “wild west” of MMOs.  Or, how I’ve related it to some other gamers I have been friends with forever: “EVE is how EQ1 was back in beta, before it became the suck.”


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