Regarding your recent salvage reclamation

Re: As policy dictates:
From: shawdoWGuar
Sent: 2010.05.01 02:52
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

You aren’t clever. I’m sure someone once told you… Oh, you’re such a witty guy! They were most likely either retarded or a terrible judge of character. And I get that you enjoy getting a rise out of people… but it’s just kind of pathetic and immature. Stop being a tool bro.

As policy dictates:
From: Gilbert Hamilton
Sent: 2010.05.01 02:45
To: shawdoWGuar,

Mission cleanup: 1 Mil ISK
Salvage reclamation: 10 Mil ISK
Salvage reprocessing, sale, and delivery: 5 Mil ISK

Total: 16Mil ISK
Discount: 10%

Total Due: 14,400,000 ISK

Thank you, and fly safe.

-Gilbert Hamilton


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