From tonight’s fun:

[02:23:32] shawdoWGuar > i’m sure the frigate loot that you grabbed will supply you many a hard-on… good luck with that kid
[02:23:53] Gilbert Hamilton > not really, but the 10 Armor Plates help.
[02:24:12] Gilbert Hamilton > the loot was just to give your lcd some color.

… say… 15 minutes later … ;)

[02:36:46] shawdoWGuar > wow you’re such a fag Hamilton
[02:36:55] Gilbert Hamilton > I try.
[02:37:05] Gilbert Hamilton > My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, so what?
[02:37:06] Huorrraa > ninjas <3
[02:37:18] Gilbert Hamilton > why thank you.
[02:37:21] Spammer123 > ninja where??
[02:37:50] Gilbert Hamilton > shadow – want your Militants?
[02:38:13] shawdoWGuar > I’m just gonna scrap this… nope gilbert… i got about 300 of em in my hangar.. you can keep them jackass
[02:38:24] Gilbert Hamilton > thanks.  they go good in milk.
[02:38:55] shawdoWGuar > the mission doesn’t even call for them… grab some more loot douche… i dare you :)
[02:39:05] Gilbert Hamilton > I have been.


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