It was a late night

For me, really.  There was a real-life break in the middle, (fire department stuff), and when I got back home I just couldn’t sleep.  So I stayed up till about midnight EST, helping a corp-mate ensure they could keep aggro on a MR and snag all the tasty that was found.  All I really did was just fleet up and d-scan a few planets in Dodixie with my Vexor.  I do like the “hunter” role, though.  Checking stations for the mark, looking around the d-scan, etc.

I really need to get more scanner practice in.  I mean, in the area of hunting down an individual person.    It’s hard in a system like Dodixie, except in the case where a bookmark is shared and you can scan a mission-running area, etc.  I’ll get there.

Speaking of getting there: I was off at Fricoure earlier in the night.  I used my Catalyst to salvage the loot at a tasty 650 m/s and when the runner was still working on the last two rats, I returned and started snagging loot.  He apparently didn’t care, and left them for me.  So I returned with a bigger ship and grabbed everything.  Even the cap-booster charges.

Made about 20 Mil.  Which is, nicely, near the price of that Myrmidon I want.  So in that – I’ve got a shopping list of items, from which I am slowly filling a station container with goodies.  Goodies found from mission runners like that.  One of the things I enjoy about failfitting most of my pvp ships is that I don’t care – I’ve hardly spent a dime on items.  Eventually I will be out of the failfit stage, and will get on with the real combat.


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