A different kind of pew-pew

Last night, I had all the intent in the world to log in and toy with EVEHQ at the same time as I was gathering some cash^H^H^H^Htears in game.  What really happened was that I logged in, fired up evehq, and then promptly sat “afk” in game while I gawked at the awesome that is evehq.

I can’t find the location wherein, the IGB server lets me view my character queues, but I do enjoy the charts, graphs, and color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and paragraphs on the back of each one.

Tonight, if time permits, I think I will make one salvage run* and then head to a different system with the Thorax to toy with some tears.  While I am slowly filling a cargo container with items I have on my fit list for the Myrmidon (which I can fly, just can’t afford to lose yet), I am trying to buy as little from the market as possible for it.  Instead, going “old school” and seeing what kind of loot drops from those who decide to litter my solar system with precious cargo-containers.


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