Live, learn, and want!

Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time around Oursulaert.  My intent was simple.  To gather some tears in a “pseudo” newbie area, while trying out my long-range-salvage ship, the Throax.

The Thorax is great.   It seems to be fast, is cap stable (with two salvagers), has a railgun, and a blaster.  Some drones in there, too, for good measure.  Of course, the final high power slot contains the scanner probe launcher.

I found a mission relatively quick and when I warped there I saw a bunch of small wrecks for the taking.  Except they were being blown up by a Brutix.  He was quite a distance away, and the five or six rats had him halfway in to armor.  What I found odd was that this character, in his Brutix, was very young and only ever employed by the NPC school. (Lesson learned here: not all “newbies” are weak.  Or even new.)

I took that as an opportunity to keep our skies clean; my cargohold doesn’t hold much, but it holds some.  (Which is another reason why my Catalyst still serves its purpose as a fast salvage ship that can hold cargo and still be affordable enough to lose.)   I had my cargohold almost full, when the last of the rats died.

He targets, sends his drones, and i send mine. Soon, I’m noticing he’s about 1/3 of the way through is shields and I’m about 1/3rd into armor.  Damn.  I’m just not, yet, good, at this pvp thing.   I warp off, with my drones, and repair.  Replacing my salvagers and scanner with more gunnery.

When I return, he had apparently left his drones and disconnected from them or something.  Because I was able to scoop them into my cargo hold.  He fired again, and I went down into armor again.  I let it go to hull, to see how my drones would do, as well as how my railgun would do.  My blaster, I kept focused on his drones.

I had to warp off; I didn’t feel like losing the Thorax just yet when I know I could get away and reconfigure.  Live to fight another, or something like that.

I decided then, that if I wanted to take on that kind of can-flipping aggro-gaining salvage operation, I needed a bigger ship.  Speed couldn’t be my focus, as it is with the “local” salvage operations.

“Get in, get loot, get tears, orbit a couple times, get out, wipe hands on pants, and repeat.”

I have to say, EVE Fitting Tool is awesome.  I spent an hour or so, between that and other things, working on a Myrmidon fit.  I was juggling between the Myrm and a Brutix.  I decided to go with the Myrmidon because of the drone space; though it is more expensive.

Now, I’m in that phase where I have a shopping list.  Though I wish I could take a shopping list of items from EFT and import them into EVEMon so I can use the in game browser server, I’m doing just fine with text based notes for now.

That said, I’m also in fundraising mode; Dodixie is great for that.  I was able, in the Fricoure system, to gather enough loot/salvage to make about 8Mil in one run.  Tonight, I may hit up Dodixie in my faster ships to gather more money and keep an eye on the loot I have spec’d out for my Myrmidon.


5 responses to “Live, learn, and want!

  1. Hi, Nice site. I added it to my blog roll.

    I think (cannot check at the mo) that you can export from EFT into Evemon.

    Worth checking out. I also am in the plan the ship in EFT then manually type it into evemon and the markets :)

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      I know you can import EFT items into Evemon, but only for ensuring you have the skillset to use those items. Not necessarily does it make a “shopping list” of physical items you need. Maybe they are working on that, though. If I had time, I would offer the code to work on that. Oh, thanks for liking and linking my site!

  2. switch to evehq :D it combines all of eft/evemon…plus tons of other stuff together :D

    and, you don’t always need a bigger ship to kill people. I killed a drake with a vigil last night. If the person is a newb…you’d be suprised what you can do…if you have a well fit ship ;)

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      So, I grabbed evehq – and I _love_ it. The IGB stuff isn’t as good as evemon, as I can’t find a place to store wishlists or skill queues for viewing in the IGB. My machine, though, has no problem alt-tabbing back to evehq. Actually, I logged in last night and sat “afk” while I was playing with HQ for an hour or so.

  3. Gilbert Hamilton

    Oh I’ll check evehq out tonight, thanks!

    The “newb” kill is a lesson I learned with that attempt at the Brutix. I read his employment history and thought, “hey a rich newb!” Turns out I was just wrong or not good enough or both.

    I’m finding myself attracted more to a faster ship with smaller (and faster) guns, versus a boat with a thicker skin.

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