Just one of those nights…

I bought a new Thorax to take on a “long range” salvage op – fitting it with two salvage units and a scanner/launcher combo.  I also bought a Exequror at the same time.  I made back about 2Mil on the first Exeq run.  (Which I named “Cargo Container” like my other salvage ships.)

Gallente Cruiser III will be done in a couple of hours, so I will be able to fit up that Thorax.

I had intended on going out and annoying tonight, but I’m just not doing anything right.  In fact, I only bought the Exequror by accident because I wasn’t paying attention to what I clicked in the market window. (Exeq and Thor are next to each other.)

Either way I’ll have fun with them.  Maybe tomorrow evening.  Tomorrow day is full of some fun meatspace stuff.

Win some, lose some.


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