Currently in the queue is:

  1. Battlecruisers I
  2. Battlecruisers II
  3. Repair Systems IV
  4. Gallente Cruiser III

I’m working toward a few goals at the same time.

  1. Core Competency Standard – General “health and welfare”
  2. Armor Tanking Standard – A little longer lasting before I end up in my pod
  3. Myrmidon – Something other than the Vexor to shoot things with.

I’m really trying to focus on armor tanking, and a bit farther down the line is a specialization in small hybrid and energy turrets.  I think, before the Myrmidon, I will spend a bit more time with the medium hybrid/energy turrets, too.

I’m not against jumping races, too.  My longer term goals can be described as such:

  1. Tears.  Gather more on a regular basis.  Learn the ins-and-outs of baiting, when and who I can shoot, and maybe some fleet PVP.
  2. ISK – I’d love to have enough to afford a PLEX.  Just cause.
  3. Ship gunnery – I feel I am lacking in the tracking-speed areas.
  4. Drones – In there at various spots are the drone skills.  I’ve snagged a few Hobgoblin IIs and I’d like to use them.  They were, after all, free.

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