Engineering V

Last night I did some mission running. *gasp*  I enjoyed it, and really it was a chance to try out the blasters; I’ve been far to reliant on just railguns.  See, I’ve got a love of railguns, both in science fiction and real life.  The tracking speed of the blasters is great and really good for those drones and rats that like to get in close and give deadly kisses to my Vexor.

Of course I salvaged my own wrecks; I know how to do it right.  Leave a high-slot for a salvage turret and even if it puts my cap at “unstable” levels, I don’t use the salvage and the weapons at the same time.  No worries there.  Or, you know, give the wrecks to a corpmate.  That works, too.

I will be away this weekend with family, so my queue has Engineering V in it and I when I arrive home it’ll have about 2 days left.  That’s workable, and I’ve rearranged my plans accordingly.

EVEOGANDA has a great post titled, “What’s in your hangar?”  I plan on doing a bit of “inventory” and making a post about that soon.  Right now, however, I can tell you it looks like this:

  • Vexor – my mission running ship.  Level 1 missions; I’ve spent a lot of time gathering tears and I run missions when bored, or only have a bit of time.
  • Helios – my new scanning ship.  Next week I plan on taking her out to some higher sec areas, picking a random person in local, and hunting them down with probes.  I figure that’s good practice.  Maybe I’ll come back with the next ship and flip a can.  Who knows.
  • Catalyst – My salvage ship for when I’m in the mood to gather more tears.  It holds more than its Minmatar counterpart and has four salvage turrets.  The cargohold will hold enough to gather loot, too.
  • And others – No, really, others.  There are, I think, two cargo ships and about four shuttles (do I have a shuttle fetish?), and another smaller Minmater ship that I use for salvage.  That one has two salvage turrets and zips around at about 1km/sec, orbiting the Runner at 500m.  With the rigging and my Salvage skills, most of the time I “win” that battle. ;)

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