Tonight was spent in “maintenance mode” so to speak.  I think every now and again, that’s a healthy thing to do.  The hangar bay gets cleaned, the ships washed, and I go out in the shuttle and pickup the crap I’ve left all over space (in the proper spots of course).  Tonight, I purchased Thermodynamics, some drone skills, and went and brought my Helios back to Dodixie.

I had left it a few jumps away during the recent wardec, because I saw his corporation jump in membership.  I didn’t feel like losing a ship I had just purchased.  I am really enjoying the ship, and find scanning down mission runners to be real quick with the “7 probe” method.  I need to work on scanning down a named individual; maybe entering a system with a lower population and starting there as practice.

After that, and some EVEMon tinkering, I cleaned out a few Mission Runner locations, and have made back some of the ISK spent on Thermodynamics.

I am thinking about an API-key driven Sinatra application to track some of my goals.  I know that Mandrill over at Keith Neilson had mentioned something about that in a comment on my site or his site.  But I may start a github project, and see what happens.  Most likely, it will be “self hosted”, but I may think about Heroku, too.


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