A New Beginning Begins

Arukemos of Learning to Fly has a great blog post about the general idea of “what to do next” in EVE.  I commented on his post, but wanted to include my thoughts here on that concept.

I’m still a very new player (<4Mil skillpoints), however I like to plan. A lot. I’ve found that when I get into a slow spot, planning wise, I tend to look at the certifications. (via EveMON or just in game.)

I’ve got a skill queue plan for certifications that, when I don’t know what I “feel” like training next, I train one of those skills.

That helps me conceptualize what to do with my character next. I recently joined Suddenly Ninjas. Getting up to 10Mil ISK was a goal of mine, and I did that the ninja-salvage way. Getting into a T2 scanning ship was another goal. I did that recently. I consider myself a good scanner, though I need practice scanning down at an individual level. (hunting) – that’s another goal. I’d like a PLEX; a small goal.

I wonder sometimes if there is a market for a “social goal-gaining network” site for EVE.

I know my goals have been mostly the learning skills, and some small gunnery.  Next should be railgun and blaster specializations as well as armor management and cpu output.  But coupled with those things, I’m learning the “here and theres” like target acquisition, Minmatar frigates, etc.


2 responses to “A New Beginning Begins

  1. I had a similar idea a while back but never posted it anywhere.

    It was originally an indea for in game: User defined progress bars.

    You set yourself a goal and the game works out how close you are to it and gives you a bar (much like the xp bar in more traditional MMOs)

    Whether its an isk value in your wallet, a certain standings level with a particular faction, or whatever. Could even be a number of kills.

    You’ve resparked my interest in this idea nad I shall be looking into it…

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