A quick little kill…

Had a quick little kill tonight. A corp member was can-baiting this Catalyst, and he gladly snagged it.  The mate was, however, getting deep into hull, and so we fleeted up and I warped in.  I warped in at 10km, and found they had kited a bit, and I was 70km away.

In a Vexor that does, max with afterburner, 250km.  I’ve got to work on that.  I had just finished setting it up for a fit that I thought would serve me well in a little mission/rat running, but while wardec’d – I could keep the anti-disruption hardware, there too.

I slowly worked my way to him, my corpmate warped off, and I just sent the drones in and fired a few rounds.  He popped pretty fast. I looted and salvaged his ship in front of him.  He warped off with his pod and returned, for some reason.  So I finished stealing the drone he had left behind.

In all, it’s my first “final blow” kill.  Lesson learned: I need a faster Vexor if that’s what I’m going to use for now.  I could also start working on some blaster specialties if railguns aren’t “doing” it for me. (On a sci-fi level – I love railguns.)  Though in this instance, the railguns had the longer range, so that helped.


2 responses to “A quick little kill…

  1. Were you fighting in a mission? If so then there’s not alot you can do about them kiting from the warp-in point.

    If they were in a belt or somewhere else though you could have warped to your friend at a range of your choosing. (right-click>warp to fleet member at…>pick range) Its usually a good idea to warp to your optimal then you can start laying on the pain immediately.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Thanks for the advice! :) They were in a mission. So yeah I didn’t have much choice in the matter. Glad for drone range!

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