And the Myrmidon goes down.

ijifrr decided he would hang out around Dodixie, Moon 20’s base.  One of us noticed him in front, just waiting for what he calls “1 vs 1”.  I, of course, call it, “1 vs whatever-the-hell-we-need”.  He went down quickly, and I enjoyed my first bit of non-losing-pvp action.  The killboard info is here.

There was a simple “why don’t you ever 1v1 asshole” chat-session after, but my client crashed.  So I didn’t get to, fully, extract as many tears.  And really, he decided to wardec us; I don’t know why.  His English isn’t perfect and last time I chatted with him he brought a translator into the mix.  I think I made roughly 3Mil off his loot; haven’t sold it all yet though.  It just so happens I was in the market for a cloaking device.  Now?  I’ve got a slightly used one on hand.

Lesson learned: your cap can get sucked down _fast_ and it helps to have friends in any battle.


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