Concentrated Tears

I was able to get Minmatar Frig up to II tonight, while I worked on some other skills.  Cloaking is at level I now, too.  I’ll “replace” the Catalyst tomorrow, and tinker with the Min ship.  Looking forward to that.

Apparently, there is a “nasty” wardec between ijifrr’s corporation (a 1-man corp) and the TEARS alliance.  Which is fine, and especially good that they are a 1-man corp.  I could use some fun pvp experience.  I’ll spend some time beefing up my Vexor and maybe start a plan for a bigger ship.  Though I did get some experience tonight in the art of tear reclamation, as well as scanning while in a wardec.

Bottom line, scanning in Dodixie is a pain in the ass – but does leave you with some bookmarks to check out later while you goad the enemy into enough frustration to gather a translator into the chat room.

[03:23:24] Gilbert Hamilton > interesting.
[03:23:32] ijifrr > yes
[03:23:37] ijifrr > i need vexor
[03:23:45] Gilbert Hamilton > I can sell you one.
[03:23:50] Gilbert Hamilton > I mean I’ll strip it first, but sell you one.
[03:24:02] ijifrr > <b><url=showinfo:25//598935994>Corpse</url></b> is afk
[03:24:16] Gilbert Hamilton > an afk corpse can be kind of … interesting.
[03:24:24] ijifrr > sry i dont neeed killl all just kill cpt
[03:24:31] Gilbert Hamilton > cpt whom?
[03:24:42] Gilbert Hamilton > Because I could sell you an old corpse of his that I have.
[03:24:48] ijifrr > is noob insulte insude local
[03:25:10] ijifrr > i need corpse cpt
[03:25:16] Gilbert Hamilton > I’m acting cpt tonight.
[03:25:47] ijifrr > so wtf cpt is noob
[03:25:52] Gilbert Hamilton > I’ll let you corpse me for 120Mil.  Outside moon 20’s station.
[03:25:58] ijifrr > i ave kill buzzard
[03:26:02] Gilbert Hamilton > i’ll be in shuttle.
[03:26:38] ijifrr > no i dont like buy corpse
[03:26:44] Gilbert Hamilton > no you buy boom boom, get corpse free.

Later, his translator “1 Nation” thought he offended me.  No, I don’t get offended.

[03:47:33] 1 Nation > sorry if i offended you by saying ninja
[03:47:48] Gilbert Hamilton > I don’t get offended, don’t worry.
[03:48:09] 1 Nation > its all good
[03:49:02] Gilbert Hamilton > you see, a wardec is like “concentrated” tears.  and we live on tears.  nothing changes for us.


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