The Ninjas and Rain

First, thank you to Crazy Kinux for adding this little blog to his EVE blog listing.  I appreciate it, and find your listing to be a great resource for a new player and sci-fi addict like myself.

Last night, my application to Suddenly Ninjas was accepted, so that was a good thing.  I logged in only for a short while, however, I did make a few million.

Most of my night was filled with real-life issues; my 140 year old attic window leaks, apparently, down the balloon-frame construction wall of the “C” side of my house.  And, into my kitchen from the top of that window.  I think it’s the attic causing the issue.  I repaired that one, though it needs to be completely replaced.  My kitchen window? I removed the drywall and then let the boards air a bit to hopefully dry.  The insulation looks ok.  So yeah, we will see how far/much drywall I have to remove to find the source of this thing.  Yay.


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