360-degree Directional Scanners

The directional scanner, set at 360 degrees seems to be a great tool in helping to snag all the loot from the wrecks you are already salvaging.  I’ve got it down now, just set to the distance between one room and another.  I have enough time, with my catalyst, to warp away if I feel like it.  Tonight, I was grabbing about 10Mil of loot, though the owner was right there.  I should have taken that as a sign that his ship wasn’t pvp-ready, though.  I’m not about to go defending against Concord, so I’ll leave that for another day.

In another bookmark, I decided to stay.  Noticed he was in a Exequror and thought, what the hell, I’ll come back with my Vexor and see what he does.  I returned, slowly (sigh) moved toward his loot, and he targets.  I toss out my drones, and he just stays there.  I snagged another 2+Mil from him, and then he warped off.  I think he enjoyed outrunning me toward the few cans he actually had left.  I finished up, docked, and left with my Catalyst again to head over toward the 3rd and final bookmark of this set.

As I undocked, right in front of my ship, someone went “boom” and I snagged that loot pretty damn fast.  Warped off to my safe, as I still had undock velocity, too.  I made way to the 3rd mark and found it empty; oh well.  I returned to the station to dock, saw the recently stolen pilot as well as that Exequror pilot, too.  He had snagged the bait-can I left for him.  Only, this time he was in a Dominix.  I docked, and said to myself, “Thanks for the 12Mil.”


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