Frig V and no PVP

I didn’t find much with my Vexor; though I didn’t look too hard, either.  I took some 0.3 and near routes away from Dodixie, and only ventured roughly 10/12 jumps.  No big deal.   I did try a few rates, only about 10k bounties, and it seemed to have a hard time with the medium guns.  The rates also chewed through the Hammerhead drones pretty fast.  I thought that odd, since they worked fine in higher sec areas and I thought rat-bounties were a relative indication of how tough they were.

During that time, though, I finished up Frigate V so now I can buy my Helios.

I suppose, to reward myself for saving up the 30Mil, I’m going to do just that and buy it tonight.  I’ll spend a bit more time in the Ninja-Cap of New Eden, regaining some funds, before I tinker with PVP again.  Or, until I get bored with salvage and try more PVP or scanning down rat-nests.


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