Voice and Russian

Today went well. Managed to, apparently, piss off some Russian Corp. Sorry guys, I don’t translate and Russian tears make my armor points go up. (French tears make afterburners work better, too.)

Though, I only made out with a relatively small run. I spent the bulk of the night dicking with Eve-Voice. It just won’t work on my machine. Maybe it’s a windows 7 issue. My firewalls and routers are fine. It’s a requirement for Suddely Ninjas and I’d like to listen. No worked if I can’t but i’m a bit annoyed it seems to be an eve thing; I have support requests in with the voice providers and CCP. Wish me luck.


2 responses to “Voice and Russian

  1. Its more than likely a windows 7 issue, apparently it conflicts with how M$ has set up their VOIP stuff in win 7.

    I would use Vent or TS instead, they have the added benefit of not going down when TQ does.

  2. Gilbert Hamilton

    Yeah, I would probably do better with TeamSpeak, however the guild I’m looking to join uses Eve Voice. I’m in no rush, and in the end if I can’t get it to work, no hard feelings… I’ll just wait until CCP does something to fix it. (And, of course, bitch to _them_ along the way. ;P)

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