Bye Bye Catalyst

Lost my Catalyst today; got cocky and saw a 400k+ module in a can and grabbed it right after I saw the owner warp off.   I put my scanner to 360degrees and at 500,000km range.  I saw him coming back, but didn’t think it was him for some reason.  I couldn’t turn fast enough to align to the closest thing and warp off, so he blew me up.

Left my pod, of course.

I got back 631k in insurance; losing a few salvage modules, a microwarp drive, and that’s really it, in the process.  I bought another ship for 560k, leaving me 70k in fluff for modules, etc.  That’s about the price of 1 salvager and the microwarp.  So I’m down 50k, as I bought 3 salvage modules.

No worries.  I was pissed, but looking for more lols.  I returned with my Tristan, and watched him warp away again.  I microwarped over to the nearest can, hoping to get lucky.

The first can had 400k of loot in it.  It’s mine, and I’m all set on that bookmark for a few minutes, I suppose.  I purchased that 2nd Catalyst and will return with it soon.

Started the evening with: 21.722Mil.

Right now, I have: 22.173Mil.

I’d say the 300k profit from this recent explosion was worth learning the additional lesson:

If you are going to steal loot, suspect everyone and always warp out when your paranoid scans show something coming your way.


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