Million ISK lols

I had found, what I thought, was a nice mission running site to reallocate assets from.  This guy kept zooming off while I was cleaning up the battlefield, and I thought that was funny.  For a while, we kept chasing each other through various rooms and save spots.  Eventually, I left for a good half hour to play some Final Fantasy XIII; on coming back, he was still at it.  This time, smart enough to salvage his own wrecks.

A well placed jetcan told him I would happily salvage along and keep only 25% of the earnings.  He jetted another can and said for me to, “suck it!”  Then changed the name to something along the lines of, “no thanks.”  I changed my can name to, “ok then.  gl out there.  watch out for other people stealing things.”  He replied with a hasty, “I can salvage, too. ;-)”

So I sent the bookmark off to the contract window.  Soon enough, another pilot appeared and I spent the 1Mil ISK to strike up a conversation.  That made for a great screenshot, too.

I think we're alone now...


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