Tristan PVP

I fit a Tristan with a warp scrambler, some FOF missiles, and the usual hybrid guns.  Sum total, I think was well under 100k; my intent was to tinker in some of the lowsec areas around Everyshore/Atlanins.  However, I didn’t find much action.  In fact, I found none.  I didn’t feel like chasing down assault ships, but instead wanted to pirate a bit against miners.  Just to get a feel for how pvp works.

Debating joining a pvp corp.  I’d have to create an alt to keep General Amalgamation alive, however.  Hardest part there is, I suppose, finding a good Niven-esque name.

Tomorrow, maybe I will try that and then go back to ninja-salvage around the Dod. areas.  I am getting kind of bored with that system and want to venture out a bit.  My alternative is to mission-run for Astral Mining.

For the record, I plan on losing both the ship and pod during this pvp attempt.


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