I seemed to be getting complacent; as I write this, I am shuttling off to Bereye to pickup my Vexor.  I need to clear away some rats before I can return with my Catalyst and salvage someone’s leftovers.  You see, I’m still new to Eve, having only been playing about 3 months.  I’m taking it easy and slow; no real pvp at this moment and only a small goal or two.

A few moments ago, I was using a Vexor.  I warped to a freshly scanned ship, a close 10km away.  Right into a gas-cloud that, within five to seven seconds, ripped my ship apart and left me sitting there in a pod.  I had forgotten to insure it, too.  Though it’s cheap.  Just so happened I had a Catalyst sitting in the hangar, here at Dodixie.

I’ve been hanging around Dodixie a while, building on a few skills.

  • Scanning – Having the Imicus with a bit of rigging helps.  I am saving for a Helios.
  • Salvage – Just purchased, as a bit of a concession, a tractor beam.   Then I realized it only allows me to tractor loot I own.  Whatever.
  • Salvage – People hate it when I salvage while they are finishing up a mission.   My character and corporation bios both offer services, wherein I am happy to follow you around and salvage; keeping a modest 25% of the resulting sales.  Keeping the customer from having to deal with other ninja-salvage attempts.
  • Warping – Do not warp in so damn close next time.

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