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Did log in, though

I did log in and started pressuring, annoying, and thieving from one mission runner.  He wouldn’t take the bait, so I just stole whatever I could fit into my hull, out from under him.  Made out with a couple million, plus; also, cleared a few of his rooms for him.  No worries there, this one’s free. ;)

Also setup another Rens->Jita contract, it was picked up right away, so it’s probably by a bot.  The reward this time is 500k, so maybe they are dumbing it down a bit.  Either way, Rens->Jita and Jita->Rens is a good number of jumps, even at warp-to-zero.  So I’ve taken one bot off the market for a bit, so to speak.


Moved up toward the Everyshore region and scanned down a few marks.  It went well, but Real-Life has kicked in – so I’m not on too much this weekend.  Later tonight, possibly.  I am, however, kind of looking forward to queuing up a large skill queue for when we leave on vacation, next week, too.

Low Sec Roam Guide

There is a great low-sec roam guide for “beginners” or in the “AAA” style of guides, so to speak.   Check it out on Brutor Bullfighter.

Thank you, Atticus Larken

For failing the courier contract, Rens to Jita.  The collateral was worth well more than the few containers and the shuttles in it.  (Also, the few times it took for me to get a bite on this scam, too.  Total “invested”, roughly 4 million. Net gain: 21 million.)

I think the “fine line” here is that the reward has to be less than a million to keep the bots away from the courier contract.

A starting point

Yay for having everything back “home” in Dodixie; however I feel like a kid home on a college break.  I’m only here long enough to fit up rigged ships, repackage the non-rigged ones and carry only with me what I expect to use in the salvage-ninja fight.

A bunch of vigils.

A few Myrmidons, a Brutix, a bunch of Rifters, and a Tristan.  The Tristan has been fun for me lately.  Don’t know why, it’s like flying a broken pencil eraser.

Along with my scanning ships, too, of course.

Well, tonight was just “bring it all home and wash it off”.  Tomorrow, I hope to get out and make way via DOTLAN to a new home away from home, for a bit.


CSM Candidacy

No, not for me.  (pfft) However, our trusty Arden is going to run.  He is compiling any and all sorts of “wants” and “must fixes” for the game over on his blog.  Go there, comment, be happy.

A shiny new toy

I was approached recently by someone, asking for the status of my orca fund.  I realize that he may not want to be known as having donated, but I promised I would write about it on the blog.   I let him know how much more I had to go toward my goal and my wallet blinked a few seconds later…

So, a) thank you for the help! b) It’s nice to know I have a reader other than myself!

Now, I’ve got to wait for this aggro counter to calm down and then go make the 25 jumps or so, to the place I’ve found to have a low sell order for it.  Then I get to play while I pilot it back to my “home” area, pick all the crap up in Illinfrik, and then head to a new place for iskies and tears.

I remember rule #1, however.


To sum it all up

Why we play as ninja looters and thieves full of honor and win:

[19:07:20] Gargonis > gimme my loot
[19:07:23] Khalia Nestune > sure
[19:07:25] Khalia Nestune > gimme my 15m
[19:07:30] Gargonis > fu

Solo roam…

Got me nothing in terms of PVP.  I started my trip in Illinfrik; a place that is becoming filled with more ennui by the day.  I needed to get the hell out, and while I am saving up for that Orca, I figured I would go and see if I could lose my Tristan.

I set the destination to be the system Roniko.  A bit of a high-sec “island” with a few lower sec jumps on the way.  A route in would take me down through Hrondedir and the route out would take me to Auren.  Sort of a teardrop shape, I suppose.

DOTLAN showed me there were a number of ship kills on the way in, at Eifer.  Being a border system, I expected that.  There were a few people on the list in local, and I did see a drake at the gate, right away.  That’s bound to be an issue, or a trick, or a quick screwup, so I ignored him.  I think he chased me but I was off to the next system quicker than he was.

I made it “there and back” with no worries or problems.  It was good practice to start warping to a planet at a random distance (70 or 100km, etc.) and using the d-scan.  I think it was Gusandall where I discovered there were plenty of belts to toy with.  But nobody seemed to be mining.   This is good, I thought.  It will make my low-sec balls a bit bigger.

On the way “home” to Illinfrik, I went through Emolgranian.  Security there was 0.5, so I can rest a bit.

I walked away from my desk, while floating at the Ammold gate.  When I returned, I heard a lot of pew pew.  Turns out there was some war going on, between Dark-Force, Omnipotent Industries, and Lamellar.  Or at least those were the people I stole from.  I was able to make this trip worth it with a few back-forth runs to empty my cargohold and in all I snagged a lot of T2 gear.  Most of which I can’t even use, or won’t.  However, as soon as the timer wears off, I’m headed for the cargo-hauler I call “That’s what she said.” (Hey it looks like a penis.  Whatever.)

Funds from that will go directly to supporting my roaming-salvage-ninja kit.

It’s picture time!

Introducing the new and probably not homosexual looking, Gilbert Hamilton: